We are licensed and inspected by the USDA and the FWC

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Here are one of our breeders with a tiny 1 week old. Dad Typically carries the babies to give mom a rest. He will bring the babies to mom for feeding then return when the kids are full.

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Baby Marmosets for sale

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Located an hour north of Tampa, Florida

  If you are home all the time, done raising children, and live in a legal city, county, and state and want a little companion to share your life with contact me. Our babies are $3,200 and require a $500 non-refundable deposit.

We pride ourselves on breeding happy, healthy, well adjusted marmoset babies

Everyone wishing to purchase a primate in the state of Florida must apply for a personal pet permit and get it approved before picking up your baby. This does not just apply to Florida residents this is also for people traveling from out of state.

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 Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Wyoming


  All of our baby marmosets will stay with their parents until they are 4 weeks old. Once I take them I will make sure they are eating well and adjusting from moms milk to formula. They will also go to the vet for a complete check-up to make sure they are healthy!! We do not ship, baby marmosets are too fragile. They need to be kept warm and be fed every 3 hours. We also want to meet the parent or parents of our babies and teach you how to take care of him or her. We also require a valid DL from a legal state.


All of our monkeys mean the world to us and we will make sure that all of our babies get the best mommys or daddys in legal states ONLY!! We will not sell to anyone with young children. I thought I made it quite clear that adult marmosets hate children, not only that but all the germs kids carry are deadly to marmosets, but I still have people contacting me wanting one. Plenty of breeders will take your money and sell you one but if the marmoset lives to be a year old he/she will be sold or locked in a cage for attacking your children. Please don't waste my time. I don't mean to sound harsh but it seems there are a lot of people out there that just want a marmoset because they are cute, or because it would be so cool. Obviously they haven't done any research about them.

There's nothing more precious than a baby marmoset. They quickly form a strong bond and depend on you for everything. They eat every few hours and need a lot of attention. Give him/her a variety of different soft foods like scrambled eggs, mashed banana, cooked sweet potato, also marmoset diet needs to be put in the formula while they are young (starting at 4 weeks so they get used to it) the more things they get as a young baby the less picky they will be as an adult. Baby marmosets will nibble on the tips of fingers just out of curiosity, they are exploring their big world. Often times they're teething or hungry. DO NOT PINCH OR BITE THEM. THAT FORM OF CRUELTY WILL ONLY MAKE THE BABY AFRAID OF YOU. They are very smart and hold grudges for a very long time and they will grow to hate you if you hurt them.   

 Young babies can not maintain their body temperature until they are 8 weeks of age so it is important to keep them warm, they really enjoy riding on your head. This is also a very important bonding time, babies should be kept on your body for atleast 6 hours out of the day. A happy, healthy baby will have a curled tail, if it's hanging straight that means there is something wrong. For sleeping at night a heating pad should be placed UNDER a carrier on low. Also keep a stuffie in there so the baby can climb on it if they get too warm.

 Marmosets are very playful and energentic it seems the only time they stop is when they're sleeping. They love spending time with their mom or dad. They learn how to play peek a boo very young and seems to be a favorite game of theirs. They also like hand wrestling and hiding under blankets on your lap.

 Before you know it this helpless little baby is a demanding, feisty, independent juvenile.
These little guys mature very fast, they turn into challenging and often times biting juveniles. Hand-raised babies are still wild animals, not children so they do not think like we do. They can't tell you what is upsetting them so they bite. They're letting you know they are upset, scared, sick or hurt. Also hormones play a big part in their aggression. Spaying and neutering is a must.

 Once they reach adulthood they calm down quite a bit and really like being groomed and hanging out with you. The more time you spend with them the happier they are. You get to talk and visit with your friends, he or she ONLY has you. If you make him/her your number 1 priority, you will be rewarded immensely. Marmosets can be amazing, loyal and loving companions.

 Scent marking is important for their mental well-being. If they are constantly diapered it can cause urine burn and infection. If they are unable to scent mark they get confused and frustrated, this is natural instinct for them. They need an outdoor enclosure to get natural sunlight, scent mark, run, jump and play. When they only have an indoor cage people tend to over clean the space to get rid of the odor. Even though it stinks to us they like their scent. So an outdoor enclosure is important.

 Same thing goes for bathing. People want to bathe them way too often. Once a week if they even need it that much. They are not human babies, soaps strip all their natural oils and causes them to have dry, itchy skin. I don't bathe mine at all and they don't have an odor. The urine is only really strong when the monkey in not spayed or neutered.

 Marmosets only weigh about 1 lb, they should not be forced to wear clothes. All clothing does is make them miserable, hot and itchy. It also impedes them in their ability to jump and climb. They're not little dolls that you play dress up with. they already have pretty fur, why cover it up!!

 Do not force a small monkey to wear a belly chain and leash while in the house. They are natural explorers and need to jump, climb and become comfortable with their surroundings. They can't get exercise on a 2ft leash, and will become frustrated.

 If you like to open your windows, cover the screens with wire mesh to insure your marmoset does not escape, they can tear through screen in seconds and be gone.

 Another thing to keep in mind is little monkeys really need to have a buddy. They really enjoy grooming, playing and whistling with their friend. We can not fill that role. A male and female or two males are best, spayed and neutered of course. Two females don't do as well together, they will always bicker, since females are the dominate sex in marmosets.

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